Avoid Fake Identities

MyIDToken is a service that protects your from frauds.

Verify REAL identity easily e.g. using email or chat.

False and fake identities are unfortunately very common nuisance on the Internet. Victims lose 1-2 billion euros every year on online fraud globally. And this contains only the reported cases.

Do not let this happen to you and make sure you know with whom you are dealing with.

Verify real identity

Let's say you're buying concert ticket from a second hand marketplace. Among honest sellers there are unfortunately also scammers and cheaters. That's why it's important to know the real identity of the person.

Unknown other party
Often we do not really know with whom we are dealing with
This is why passport or bank authentication is necessary
Bank authentication guarantees real identity
Create a token
Using MyIDToken users can proof their identity by sending one time phrases as ID tokens
Dealing online is safe when you are sure about the real identity
Verify real name

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