Terms of use


By using the MyIDToken service, you agree to abide by the applicable terms of use. If the connection with the Service or through the use of third-party products or services, these can also be applied to third-party terms and conditions. If the user of the service is a minor, he/she must ensure that his/her guardians consent to the use of the service and the processing of personal data, and is aware of the content of these terms of use, service-specific special conditions and privacy statement.

The agreement on the services between the customer and MyIDToken is created when the customer has registered for the service and accepted the terms of use in force at the time. The agreement may also arise when the customer starts using the service in a manner approved by MyIDToken.

The customer undertakes to carefully preserve the username and password. The customer is responsible for all use of the service and any resulting damages and costs incurred through the customer's username and/or password. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the username and password do not become known to third parties. To prevent misuse of client undertakes to inform the MyIDToken immediately if the customer has reason to believe to have been a username or password for a third party. You may not disclose your usernames or passwords to any third party without the written permission of MyIDToken. In addition, the customer undertakes to take special care to protect his username and password.

The Customer shall be responsible for the acquisition and operation of the equipment, telecommunications connections and non-service software required for the use of the Services and the costs related to their use, and shall be responsible for ensuring that these devices and software do not interfere with or interfere with the Services or telecommunications.

The customer responds at his own expense to the claims against MyIDToken, which are based on the fact that the use of the service does not comply with the terms of use. Notwithstanding the foregoing, MyIDToken shall have the right, at its option, to respond to such claims and to conduct the defence at the expense of the customer.

Service usage

MyIDToken has the right to produce the service in the way it deems best and to change the content of the service without notice. The Service is intended for the personal and non-commercial use of customers only, unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing.

You may not copy, modify, distribute, sell or rent any part of the Service or related software, or find out how the software is made or attempt to decompile it.

MyIDToken has the right to temporarily suspend the service if it is necessary due to the service, its technical change or renewal, or other installation, modification and maintenance work. MyIDToken strives to ensure that the outage does not become long-lasting and that it is timed to be at such a time and in such a way as to cause as little inconvenience as possible.

MyIDToken does its best to ensure that the service is available to the customer continuously and without interruption. However, MyIDToken is not responsible for the uninterrupted, timely or error-free operation of the service. Under no circumstances will MyIDToken be liable for any damages to the software used or the information contained in it, including data security risks (viruses, data theft, etc.).

Any disruptions or defects in the service will generally be rectified during normal business hours and as soon as possible. If a change in the service causes an interruption, MyIDToken will endeavour to minimize any inconvenience to the user and will take any action it deems necessary. MyIDToken is not liable for any inconvenience caused by the above measures. If MyIDToken performs modifications or other maintenance work, MyIDToken will not be liable if the use of the service is temporarily blocked due to such work.

MyIDToken may remove the service from the customer with immediate effect if the customer has materially and in disregard of the remarks violated the terms of use.

MyIDToken reserves the right to assign or transfer all or part of the rights and obligations related to these Terms of Use and/or Privacy Statement to any person, company or entity at any time without the necessary permission from the customer.

Activities can be free or paid. For each individual activity, indicate if it is a paid activity. Use of the paid functions requires the payment of the price and other payments indicated in connection therewith. The valid prices and pricing criteria can be seen on the website of each individual service. MyIDToken can change the price and pricing criteria of an individual activity, as well as make a free activity paid or vice versa.

The consumer customer does not have the right to cancel the service in accordance with consumer protection legislation. Because MyIDToken's electronic online services are of such a nature that the service has been performed in full or the performance of the service electronically has begun with the customer's consent before the end of the cancellation period, the customer has no right of cancellation of the transaction or refund of the transaction

Data privacy

MyIDToken keeps customer information confidential and treats the information in accordance with the principles set out in the privacy statement: https://www.myidtoken.com/privacy.

MyIDToken registers the information that the customer provides about himself/herself when registering and authenticating. In addition, MyIDToken registers the customer's logins to the service and the actions taken by the customer in the service.

When a customer authenticates with a bank ID or similar method, MyIDToken stores the information returned by the bank or other identification service, such as name and social security number.

The customer may contact MyIDToken via email or other contact service. MyIDToken stores the service customer's contact information and sent messages in its systems in connection with the contacts made from these channels.


MyIDToken makes no promises about the Service except as expressly stated in these Terms of Use. For example, MyIDToken does not in any way be responsible for the content of the service, it's functionality, accuracy, reliability, availability or suitability for the customer's needs. MyIDToken provides the service “as is”.

Other considerations

MyIDToken has the right to change these terms of use. The customer is informed of the changed conditions, for example through the service.

The service utilizes the services provided by a third party for such services provided by a third-party shall apply to such third party's operating and other conditions. MyIDToken is not responsible for these third-party services, and does not endorse their privacy practices.

Force majeure relieves MyIDToken of its obligations in connection with the Service if it prevents or unreasonably interferes with the performance of the Service or any part thereof. Force majeure is defined as fire, earthquake, flood, explosion, strike or other work stoppage, official order, disruption of energy supply, shortage of raw materials or supplies, war, cable or other communication disruption caused by a third party or any other cause, or the like. has not been known and could not reasonably have been foreseen. MyIDToken will notify you of force majeure on the Service's website without undue delay after it has occurred, if notification is possible.

Finnish law applies to the service. Any disputes related to the service will be resolved primarily through negotiations between MyIDToken and the customer. If no agreement is reached, the dispute will be resolved in the Helsinki District Court.

If the dispute concerning the contract cannot be resolved through negotiations between the parties, the consumer may refer the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board (www.kuluttajariita.fi). Before taking the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board, the consumer must contact the Consumer Advice of the Local Register Office (www.kuluttajaneuvonta.fi).